init(_:text:prompt:) Series
24 final selections from over 3000 AI generated images, all created from early beta and v1 variants of Stable Diffusion and Midjourney. The intent was to expose the fragmentation of AI's output. These were especially engaging for students. 
AI generated imagery, archival digital print, resin on panel
When Pigs Fly
Reverie Of A Magnificent Victorian Greenhouse (SOLD)
Tron-Inspired Jedi Velociraptors
Ukrainian Girl Defeats Terrible Beast
Space Travel On The Back Of An Insect
The Physical Universe Is Conscious Of Itself (SOLD)
The Mechanical Statue And The Ingenious Servant
The Ghost Of America’s Future
The Definiton of Gross (SOLD)
Squid Cowboy Riders Escape
Soup Dogg
Portrait Of Inspired Carl Sagan Wearing Star Trek Attire
Mosh Pit At The Nursing Home
Grand Entrance To A Snowy Labyrinth Ending In The Far Distance (SOLD)
Kids Throwing Rocks Into Summer Lake
Laughing Children On Playground
Post-Crucifixion Pre-Ascension Jesus
Doorways To Mars (SOLD)
Disney World As Imagined By Hieronymus Bosch (SOLD)
Last Supper With Minions
Lizard Man Cutting A Rug At The Disco
Girl Travels Through Portal To A Fantastic Library (SOLD)
Ukrainian Postwar Recovery
Architect Zaha Hadid’s Heavenly Paradise
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